Deep in the dark, soundless expanses of the never ending meta-verse, something stirred. A small glimmer at first, rapidly they grew against the colourless void they formed in. Crackles of electric blue and brilliant violet forked outward from a pinprick of light, standing stark against the overwhelming darkness.
After an explosion of colour, stillness resumes, a dazzling light now emanates from the molecular rift that has formed.

The stillness is broken, when this entity emerges. Morphing seamlessly through the rift, the deity arrives. A glitch from an alternate dimension, differing space and time, unlike anything this reality has ever bore witness.
Others follow too, disciples and Lesser's flicker and twist as they move behind their superior, pushing ahead of one another in an effort to stay close to the power.

The One moved onward.

Harboured within the Electromagnetic field of our world, they begin to familiarize themselves with the planet natives, watching as silent onlookers. They begin to absorb the peoples’ cultures, their languages and emotions. 

Twisting and flickering across the globe, they travelled seamlessly through our world, through countries and across seas. Moving within the meta plane of the galaxy, they are invisible to the human eye, and have not yet made an attempt at contacting the beings with whom they share the planet.
Almost completely undetectable by Earthly technology, the only signs to their existence come in the forms of electrical failures and recondite electro pulses, or mysterious glitches across simple human technology; personal devices, which have all so far gone unexplained. A sudden unease in household pets, hairs standing on end and seemingly staring into nothingness in a curious manner, could also be a telltale sign of their presence.

Trapped here, a stranded collective in search of a new existence. As a sign of their growing knowledge, they have given themselves ‘names’ recognisable in human language. Their choice of names demonstrates a not yet full grasp of the concept, but it can only be seen as a step toward assimilating the dialect. Erebus; The One, stood ahead of the rest of them, his strength, completely unrivalled by even the strongest of his disciples. Even his aesthetic form was more advanced, a white glow surrounded this coruscating entity.

Aeons before the occupation of earth, Erebus lived in a different form elsewhere in the metaverse. Erebus ventured far and wide, lost amongst the rubble and derelict structures of his fallen world, mere hints of a past civilization which had once reigned supreme. A barren, lifeless expanse. What were once citadels and townships now held no awe, as they lay dead, decimated, in broken heaps and piles, a dystopian wasteland.

Technology, however, still held onto a tiny sliver of life. Erebus uncovered concealed generators as he wandered, which still worked to power incredibly advanced computing systems and technological interfaces. Erebus turned to these machines for solace, a potential deliverance from a meaningless existence in the cavernous, overbearing emptiness. In an attempt to quell his solitary woes, he decided upon action. Through sullen desperation and a yearning for something more, The One spent his time learning the skill of programming and coding, pushing himself to his absolute limits to uncover an escape from the wasteland he once lived.

After what seemed an eternity, Erebus managed to create a rift in the void. Code a way out. Through doing so, he learnt some of the deepest and darkest mysteries of the metaverse.

Travel from the void was not smooth, and technical errors arose and took their toll on Erebus. Ripped through space and time, his forms shifted, the entirety of his being was altered. Twenty four pieces of him fractured away. Half of them merging with the dark mass in the void, the other half transfusing with the heaviest darkness of space, black mass. His original disciples, They became the first of their kind, a glitch in the many universes, passing from plane to plane. As they moved, passing from one dimension to the next, pieces of them splintered off, forming into Lesser’s. Erebus’s disciples, once a band of 24 beings, were now joined by 308 Lessers, the fabrication of the fractured spirits forged into sentience of their own. The disciples became “gl0s’, and the Lesser’s received the title “gl0c0des”.

This unexpected development was but a small price to pay for an exodus from his wasteland. The disciples turned to Erebus as their ultimate savior, and in turn the Lessers looked to him as an unparalleled superior.

But this was not all that the traverse cost them, as upon arrival at their destination, Erebus quietly realised that in entering the rift he created, He had been stripped of the power to create another. A secret between only Erebus himself and the silent, everlasting planes of the meta.

As Erebus, the gl0’s and gl0c0de’s continue their existence on Earth, far, far away….
Something stirred…..